Gail Oberst, longtime newspaper and magazine writer and editor, has completed two novels. Valkyrie Dance is now available on Amazon!

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Valkyrie Dance – An impulsive young woman moves back to her childhood home in Anchorage, Alaska, looking for adventure. She finds it after she quits her sales job and becomes a stripper on the city’s infamous Fourth Avenue. The party quickly turns serious when her teen lover murders his roommate as part of a mob-ordered kill. Woven into this fast-paced adventure are questions of loyalty, love and responsibility during the “Me Generation’s” 1980s free for all. PURCHASE PAPERBACK OR KINDLE EDITON HERE.

San Souci – An impulsive young woman searches for answers to age-old questions: Who am I and where do I belong? During her frenetic adventures, she discovers family secrets, both tragic and intriguing, that answer her questions and disrupt her love life. This novel is a blend of history (the story includes her Native American great-grandfather’s trek west), and adventure (the story is told from the deck of a commercial fishing boat, where she is working), with a dash of magical realism (her ancestors have visions of a cougar, following them).

Get your sea legs under you. Loosen up and dance with it.

His whole life had been dedicated to this moment, to see them leave the world ...